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Dream as BIG as the sky

We may not all be stars, but we can all twinkle

21 September
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I don't really care what people think about me, I'll do whatever I think is right, I have my own opinion and will stick by myself. I like to be stupid around anything and anyone really, and I just don't care, you don't like me? Why ya here?

I like:
-People who are nice
-People who are funny
-People who are fun
-People who get MY humour
-People who laugh at my jokes, even if they aren't the funniest
-People who like me for me
-Someone I can be my stupid, enegertic self with
-People who think for themselves
-Someone who can be trusted
-Someone who will never leave me out
-People who have their own sense of humour
-Someone who can quote movies like no tomorrow, like me

Tyler Hilton is hot guitar player love.

I dislike:
-People who wear something to school that makes underwear look more appealing
-People who judge people by what they wear
-People who stare at you and give dirty looks
-A person who has no feelings
-Someone who makes fun of people
-A person that you known for a long time, but never bothers to say hello anymore
-People you know, but don't say hi in the hallways
-Someone who talks to you a lot in class, but in the hallways, you're a total stranger
-Someone who thinks their popular but their not
-A person who rubs something in somebody's face, yet it's nothing to be proud about
-Loud obnoxious people
-Interrupters, talk-alotters


Take it away, Ernie!

five, four, tree, tree and a half, too, 1 and tree qorters, GO!